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Tacos and Tech Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

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  • Kate gives an overview of what Cooler Heads Care is [02:44]
  • Kate shares her background and the story that led her to build a company [03:40]
  • What brought Kate to San Diego? What was it like for her to be diagnosed in 2016? [05:48]
  • At what point did Kate realize there needs to be some changes in terms of getting cancer treatments? [09:16]
  • Kate talks about what it was like during the early stages of Cooler Heads and the power of networking [13:34]
  • Kate shares how attending programs and doing pitches has helped her in building a successful business [15:53]
  • Kate shares how Cooler Heads and their product iterated from then to now based on what they’re going to market with [17:45]
  • Kate talks about the things she’s learning from the patients [22:44]
  • Where is Cooler Heads headed and what is the bigger ecosystem that they’re building out? [23:56]
  • Kate shares some of Cooler Heads’ milestones [25:17]
  • Kate speaks about the advantage of running a business in San Diego and being surrounded by companies that matter or is making a change [26:48]
  • Kate shares her favorite taco spot, Benny's Tacos [27:43]


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